Pool Parties

Pool Parties/Pavilion Rentals

The PORA Pool is maintained and staffed with lifeguards by Swim Atlanta Pool Management.  If you wish to host a party at the PORA Pool, you will need to first make a reservation through Swim Atlanta. Please email pool@postoakrecreation.com to request a party by dates and times minimum of two weeks prior to the planned party dates.  Parties will be approved within 72 hours and noted on the calendar as well as via email confirmation.  Once approved, the party planner will need to visit the following link within 36 hours to hire and reserve the required lifeguards.  https://www.atlanta-pmg.com/pool-parties

There are several things you need to know about reservations:

  • Reservations must be made three weeks in advance
  • There is no fee to reserve the pavilion — you need only clean up afterwards, remove trash, and rearrange furniture to its original position.
  • The pavilion is open to the general membership except when reserved by members.
  • All parties will be required to pay for one (1) additional lifeguard for each hour of the reservation for each 25 attendees of the party.
  • This includes all attendees: guests, members and non-members.
  • The maximum party size is 25.  When counting attendees of the party, include all party attendees not just those swimming (adults and children).  All PORA members who may be attending the party should also be included in the attendee count.
  • In the event a party brings in more participants than stated, Swim Atlanta and The PORA Board reserve the right to shut down the party.
  • All parties involving any Alcohol consumption by any party attendees require an additional lifeguard to be hired.
  • Parties should be designated to the picnic area, leaving the remaining pool area for members.  Grill use is permitted by party attendees, just be sure to leave room for members’ use.


Swim Atlanta Pool Party Policy

Pool parties carry inherent risks. These policies are for the safety and enjoyment of the party attendees.

  • You must be a member of the club to host a party at the pool.
  • Pool Parties must be scheduled and paid for a minimum of 14 days in advance.
  • Lifeguards will call regular Safety Breaks every hour, as during normal pool operation. All party guests will be required to exit the pool during these Safety Breaks.
  • Party attendees must abide by the standard pool rules that are in place during normal pool operation.
  • Lifeguards are responsible for clearing the pool during occurrences of thunder or lightning. For thunder or lightning all individuals must remain out of the water and off of the pool deck for 30 minutes after each occurrence.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail when we receive your request form and payment.
  • Payment is expected at the time you book your party. Parties are not fully confirmed until payment is received. Parties that are not paid for in advance will be subject to cancellation.
  • The party sponsor is responsible for the assistance in the cleanup after the party.
  • Cancellation Policy: Please call for any cancellation, including inclement weather. To receive a refund you must call (770) 992-7665, Ext. 103 and provide at least 4 hours’ notice of a canceled party.
  • Payment by credit card will be made when submitting the Pool Party Request Form.
  • The current rate is $25.00 per Lifeguard per hour.
  • One (1) Lifeguard is required per 25 people or part thereof. Due to insurance requirements, there can be absolutely no exceptions on the number of lifeguards per party.
  • The total number of attendees includes EVERYONE attending the party, not just estimated swimmers and MUST include all PORA members that may be attending the party.
  • One (1) additional lifeguard is required for any party involving teenagers, college-age people, or parties involving alcohol.
  • If your party is during a time when a Lifeguard is already on duty and you have less than 25 people in your group, you still need to hire an additional Lifeguard. Adding your party to the number of swimmers that would normally be in attendance at the pool may cause the total number of swimmer to exceed 25. Please call our office so we can help you determine whether you will need additional Lifeguard(s) during times when a Lifeguard is normally on duty.
  • Lifeguards will arrive at the start time of your party. If you would like them to be there in advance, then please reflect that in the booking time submitted for your party.

We may not be able to provide Lifeguards during school hours, on school days or on holidays.