Pool Parties

Pool Parties/Pavilion Rentals

The PORA Pool is maintained and staffed with lifeguards by United Pools.  If you want to host a party at the PORA Pool, you will need to first make a reservation through United Pools. Please complete and return the Pool Party Form and return to United Pools along with payment at least 14 days prior to the event.  There are several things you need to know about reservations:

  • Reservations must be made two weeks in advance
  • There is no fee to reserve the pavilion — you need only clean up afterwards, remove trash, and rearrange furniture to its original position.
  • The pavilion is open to the general membership except when reserved by members.
  • All parties will be required to pay for one (1) additional lifeguard for each hour of the reservation for each 25 attendees of the party.
  • When counting attendees of the party, include all party attendees not just those swimming.  Other PORA members thar are attending the party should also be included in the attendee count.
  • In the event a party brings in more participants than stated, United Pools may shut down the party.

United Pools Pool Party Guidelines

  1. Lifeguards will arrive at the start time of your party.  If you want lifeguards there in advance, your start time should reflect that advanced time accordingly.
  2. Payment is expected at the time you book your party.  Parties will NOT be scheduled until payment is received.  Untied Pools will not hold time slots.
  3. One additional lifeguard is required for any party where alcohol is present.
  4. Payment rates are as follows: $28.50 FLAT rate per hour per lifeguard plus a $15.00 processing fee.  If reservation is made less than 2 weeks prior to the party a $75.00 processing fee will be charged.
  5. If a pool party is not guarded with the correct number of guards United Pools reserves the right to shut down the party.
  6. United Pools cannot provide lifeguards for parties lasting later than 12:00am (midnight)
  7. In the event that a pool party extends beyond the original scheduled time, the sponsor agrees to pay additional charges to
    cover the lifeguards pay. The rate for this is $32.00 per hour per lifeguard. The coverage cannot be prorated.
    Please be accurate when scheduling your party to avoid any additional charges! Lifeguards are not committed to working
    past party end times.
  8. Normal pool rules apply during parties, including safety breaks. These will be called at normal times
  9. Lifeguards will enforce rules and regulations as outlined in PORA POOL RULES.

United Pools wants your party/event to be a great and fun experience. Understanding these guidelines will ensure that your event is properly scheduled and there is a clear understanding of expectations at your event. You can reach United Pools directly at 844-POOL-MGT or you can contact United Pools at HR@unitedpools.com.